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Bulldog Tools

Bulldog Tools have been at Clarington Forge, Wigan, England since 1780.
Our solid forged spades and forks have heads made from a single piece of steel.
The steel is of a specification which results in exceptional strength with the flexibility to absorb all the pressure of hard work without distorting or breaking.
Our forged heads are manufactured using Bulldog’s original forging machinery at our Indian facility.
Upon completion, the heads are sent back to Clarington Forge, Wigan where we craft the wooden handles from raw material using the same process we have done for generations.
The combination of the forged heads and naturally strong ash handles result in producing our Premier range to the highest levels of quality.
These tools are the gold standard by which we measure all the tools we make.
Our tools are built to last.
Their value is in their longevity and that’s why it’s worth making an investment in a tool that carries the Bulldog name.
When we hear that a customer is still using our tools nearly two decades after their purchase, or how our tools have out-lasted other tools and been passed down to the next generation, we’re not surprised!

It’s the reputation the Bulldog brand stands for.

Product Ranges:-
, a value brand of basic allotment tools made from forged steel
Premier, a wider range of top quality professional allotment tools made from forged steel
Pedigree, a range of basic allotment tools made from stainless steel.

Chillington Tools

The Chillington Tool Company has been supplying the agricultural and construction industries with quality hot forged Hoes and Forks for over one hundred years.
Using quality high carbon steel, Chillington sets the highest standard for quality worldwide.
Chillington manufactures a large selection of hoe heads in a wide range of sizes, each with hard wood handles.
Chillington Hoes and Forks are sold throughout the world under a number of different brand names, the most famous being the “Crocodile”.

All Chillington products are recognised as the hallmark of quality, durability and reliability.


Kent & Stowe

Kent and Stowe is a complete range of garden tools made from quality Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Based upon the designs and drawings of garden tools from the 1800’s, this range brings the traditional look with the modern benefits of advance materials and manufacturing.
The Kent & Stowe collection covers all aspects of digging, cultivating, cutting and tidying; ensuring you have the right tool for the job.

Spear & Jackson

The roots of Spear & Jackson date to 1760, when drapery maker John Love decided to found a steel making company in Sheffield, where that country’s production of steel, cutlery, and tools were becoming centered due to an abundance of raw materials.
He was joined in the business by Alexander Spear, a wealthy merchant from the nearby town of Wakefield, and the new firm took the name Spear & Love.
Over the following decades the company came to focus on producing saws, and business grew.
In 1814, with the firm now run by Alexander Spear’s nephew John Spear, an apprentice named Sam Jackson was added. Jackson proved a capable assistant, and in 1830 the company was renamed Spear & Jackson.
The firm continued to produce tools of all types throughout the 19th and into the 20th century.
Today Spear & Jackson are owned by parent company Neill Tools, and the trusted brand in gardening tools continues to offer quality gardening tools.
Product Ranges:-
 a basic range of allotment tools made from stainless steel with traditional split ‘D’ handle and hardwood shaft.
Neverbend, a range of tools for allotments with extra long sockets the hardwood forward tilting ‘D’ handle handle fits into.

Faithfull Tools

Faithfull tools are made to tradesmen’s standards by craftsmen whose work is checked to ensure that it meets the demanding Faithfull specification for each type of product.
Faithfull tools offer good value and are ideal for discerning tool buyers who prefer lower prices, but who are not prepared to compromise too much, if at all, on product quality and reliability.
The Faithfull tool range is manufactured to a high standard to ensure that they give you long lasting and dependable service. The manufacturing process ends with demanding quality control checks to ensure that your Faithfull tool will not let you down.
With a few exceptions Faithfull tools are guaranteed against faulty material, workmanship and manufacture for a period of FIVE YEARS.
Needless to day the Faithfull guarantee does not cover product failure due to misuse, negligence or fair wear and tear.
Product Ranges:-
 a basic range of allotment tools made from forged steel with composite ‘D’ handles on hardwood shafts. 
 a range of tools for allotments made from stainless steel withwith traditional split ‘D’ handle and hardwood shaft.