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Books & eBooks

Books and eBooks

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While you are down on the plot it can sometimes be great to check on the identity of a pest, look up a plant disease or just check the weather.

We have found some of the best books on allotment management, veg growing or anything to do with allotments. You will find some great writers, some TV favourites like Joe Swift and Carol Klein in book and ebook for your phone or tablet.

Allotment Books are -here
Allotment eBooks are - here

Research while on the Plot

The rapid growth of allotments in the last few years has bought many more plots into production across the country. Some have been created from waste ground, some from farmers fields, but all have unique soil conditions, local pests and diseases.
This is a challenge for plot holders and any help is always appreciated when trying to diagnose or solve a problem. The best help can be other allotment holders as they may have had the same problem and found a solution. this will save you time and some money.
If you cannot find a solution then research is needed and today the availability of information is vast. We have collected together traditional books, some still like to hold and read a physical book while others like the new ebook format for its portability and storage capacity.
With mobile phones in almost every pocket this can also provide you information right next to the plant.
We have collected together some of the best allotment books by a wide variety of writers offering design, management, planting and pest advice. We provide a link through to Amazon so you can read reviews and purchase with quick delivery.
Also at Amazon we have provided links to a range of ebooks, some the same as the printer versions and some not in print.
For mobile phones we have a range of apps from the Apple store and will be adding links to the Google store for Android device users very soon.

If you have a favourite book or app, lets us know and we will include it here for others enjoy it.

Allotment Books are -here
Allotment eBooks are - here

Allotment Books Allotment eBooks