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Allotment Books

Allotment Books

The rapid growth of allotments in the last few years has bought many more plots into production across the country. Some have been created from waste ground, some from farmers fields, but all have unique soil conditions, local pests and diseases.
This is a challenge for plot holders and any help is always appreciated when trying to diagnose or solve a problem.
We have collected together some of the best allotment books by a wide variety of writers offering design, management, planting and pest advice. We provide a link through to Amazon so you can read reviews and purchase with quick delivery.

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We have chosen a range of books that we think are useful for allotment holders.

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So many people take an allotment plot on with great intentions - then realise the commitment and aren't able to keep it up. This book provides all the information that could be needed to manage your plot in 5 x 30 mins per week. A perfect book for the those starting out and with limited time.

"Full of ideas for how to cut down the time you need to spend on your plot while still aiming for top-class results". (Pippa Greenwood Daily Mirror )
Written by expert allotment holders for those who want to get more from their plot, this is the must-have book for all would-be and existing allotmenteers and those who grow their own.
Four RHS expert authors share their wisdom and experience on growing fruit, veg and flowers on allotments, and getting the most from allotment life.
From getting an allotment to bringing home the carrots.
How to grow your own fruit and veg all year round on your allotment or in your garden. Here´s how to ensure your plot provides fresh, healthy food all year round. Follow month-by-month, easy-to-follow advice on what to do on your allotment and how to do it. Pick up time saving tips and techniques on everything from pruning to dealing with pests. There´s clear guidance on when to sow, plant, and harvest for excellent results Get more from your allotment with this indispensable companion.

With hardly any previous veg-growing experience Joe Swift decided to take on a 250 sq metre allotment in north London, some people thought he was mad.
But with hard work and dedication, in less than a year Joe created his very own urban oasis and a source of delicious, fresh, organic produce for himself and his family.
In this book Joe takes us through every stage of his education as an allotment gardener, from putting his name on the council waiting list to harvesting his first crops.

Carol Klein, who has collaborated with the Royal Horticultural Society to create a lavishly illustrated, easy-to-follow, practical and inspiring beginner's handbook to everything anyone ever needs to know to grow vegetables, salads, and herbs all year round. Combining Carol Klein's no-nonsense and enthusiastic approach to gardening, much loved by viewers of "Gardeners' World" on BBC TV, with the horticultural best practice from the Royal Horticultural Society, this is a genuinely step-by-step beginner's guide to growing an aspirational but achievable range of food plants.

Another great allotment book by John Harrison that shows how to improve your chances of getting an allotment and move up the waiting list.
In this all-encompassing guide, he also advises on clearing an allotment, planning what to grow and how, building compost bins, using raised beds - plus detailed instructions on growing the best vegetables and fruit.

Everything from digging the first trench to harvesting and storing the fruits of your labours. John Harrison has found a way to make a gardening book interesting and understandable for everyone. Clear diagrams and drawings, advice on what plants to use in which soil and how to prevent birds and slugs getting there before you do.
An excellent book for gardeners old and young, male and female, experienced and novices.

How to Store Your Garden Produce the key to self-sufficiency is packed with ideas for making your produce last for months and helping you embrace the wonderful world of self sufficiency. Here are simple and enjoyable techniques for bottling, clamping, fermenting, drying, freezing, salting and vacuum packing, as well as delicious recipes for jams, jellies, pickles and chutneys, relishes and ketchups, fruit butters and cheeses. With this book, you will know where your food has come from, you will save money, there will be no packaging and you ll be eating the best produce you can eat your own.

Allotments with ten-year waiting lists; fruit and veg seeds outselling those of flowers - Britain is growing a passion for home produce and the time is right for the nation's favourite gardener to provide the definitive book on the subject. Alan's comprehensive guide will tell you everything you could possibly want or need to know about fruit and veg and how to grow it, including herbs, baby veg, salads, every-day fruits plus gourmet or unusual varieties, and how to fit them into today's stylish small gardens.

Terry Walton has kept an allotment in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales for over fifty years. In 2006, after half a decade of happy gardening, Terry´s allotment was adopted by the Jeremy Vine Show and he became an unlikely media star. In this absorbing and entertaining memoir, Terry documents how the valley has changed over the years, his own conversion to organic gardening, and the colourful characters he meets; insterspersing his anecdotes with topical tips, family recipes and quirky line drawings. "My Life on a Hillside Allotment" is the perfect read for gardeners, allotmenteers and anyone who loves the great outdoors.

The Allotment Handbook is full of practical information and tips on every aspect of growing produce on an allotment. Beginning with the basics, there is information on finding a plot, preparing the soil, dealing with weeds, crop rotation and planting the beds. A chapter on gardening techniques covers propagation, protecting your plants, pruning and harvesting. A useful month-by-month section provides at-a-glance information on key tasks and gives pointers and tips to help keep the allotment productive all year round.

Growing your own vegetables provides delicious food fresh from the soil without costing the earth. Packed with natural goodness, newly pulled carrots, freshly picked peas or potatoes dug straight from the ground are a healthy and inexpensive alternative to tasteless supermarket fare. And it couldn´t be easier. Discover how planning and preparation, basic tools and the most rudimentary gardening ability can transform an allotment, garden, patio, or even an urban balcony into a homegrown haven. Choose your crop from easy-to-grow varieties that require minimum effort but deliver excellent results.

This book offers practical information and tips on all aspects of allotment gardening. Beginning with the basics, the book gives advice on planning and laying out a new plot, improving the soil and sowing from seed. A comprehensive directory of vegetables, herbs and fruit gives useful information on which varieties to plant and their cultivation, while a chapter on pests and diseases gives advice on protecting plants without using chemicals.
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