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Allotment Thieves

Allotment Buildings and Tools Security

Not all allotment and shed thieves are as easy to spot as this one.

Protecting buildings,

Sheds and stores often isolated from houses, can be expensive often using 24hr surveillance cameras that can call a mobile phone to alert the user or police of an intrusion. These systems are better suited to a site security role where all he plot holders can contribute to the costs

For an individual plot holder the ubiquitous presence of cameras, along with the small size and cost, mean a thief can never be sure the equipment is not live and recording..
A dummy camera that looks very real can be a real deterrent for the thief.
Adding warning labels to the shed or store emphasises the threat to the thief.

Likewise external lighting and a siren should they get into the building all make the thief think twice about breaking into or vandalising the shed or store.

Tool Security

Thefts of produce from an allotment is bad enough but the stealing of tools from a shed or store on the plot is worse. Plants can be regrown, favourite tools, perhaps handed down from father, or grandfather, are treasured possessions. Always mark tools with your postcode using a UV ink pen. Taking them home every time is sometimes not an easy option but is the most secure

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