Allotment Weeding Hoes

Three types of weeding hoe are common for grow your own or allotments, the digging hoe or azada, the Dutch hoe and the Draw hoe.
The Digging hoe is a tool used across the world for digging and weeding, the Chillington hoe is the most famous.

The Dutch hoe is primarily used for weeding, pushing the blade flat along the soil, cutting the weeds down as you go.

The Draw hoe can be used for weeding and moving soil, such as earthing soil up around potatoes or creating a drill to plant seeds.

Other Hoe Types
The 3 Edged or Angled hoe is alternative to the Dutch hoe with the angled blade being able to get around plant stems easier.

Other more specialist hoes like the Warren and Paxton are good tools for specific weeding jobs on the plot.
The 3 prong cultivator is a type of hoe that does not cut weed roots like the others but can be used to disturb the roots by opening up the soil.
All hoes come in forged and stainless steel, your soil type will help decide which is best for you.
Digging hoes are made from much tougher forged steel to give them added strength for the heavier ground breaking work they are designed for.


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Digging Hoe

Draw Hoe

Dutch Hoe

3 Edge-headed hoe

3 Edge-headed hoe

3-pronged Hoe - Stainless steel

3-Pronged Hoe / Cultivator

Multi-headed Hoe

Multi-Headed Hoe

Heart-headed Hoe

Heart-Headed Hoe

Oscillating-headed Hoe

Oscillating-Headed Hoe


How to Choose a Weeding Hoe

Forged Steel
Stainless Steel
Stronger than stainless
Not as strong as forged
Coated to prevent corrosion
Corrosion resistant
Coated to prevent soil adhesion
Easy cleaning

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