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Plant Protection Fleece

Allotment Plant Protection Fleece

Allotment crop protection materials fall into two broad types, netting and sheeting. Netting as it's name says is a material with holes in that keeps out pests. The size of the hole determines what pest it will keep out.
Sheeting as it's name suggests is a continuous sheet of material that not only keeps out pests but can provide other benefits. Fleece is a very versatile product for the plot because it can be used all season long.

More about Fleece

Allotment Fleece - An All Rounder

Allotment fleece combined with cloche hoops put over the plot in early season traps air inside that the suns heats the plot warms up. Once the sun goes down and temperatures drop the warm air inside the cloche maintains a higher temperature than the outside air. This warms the ground up quicker giving you a flying start to the season, seeds germinate well in consistently warm soil rather than periods of warm and cold.
Fleece can also be used as a shade material during the hot summer days keeping direct suns rays away from tender plants, water can flow through the fleece allowing water to the crops while raining or watering.
In addition fleece is very effective at pest control keeping out ALL flying insects, even the smallest thrips and if buried in the soil around the cloche keeping out slugs & snails.
At the end of the season a fleece cloche traps warm air to keep tender plants safe from early frosts.

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