Allotment Safety Glasses & Visors

When using any allotment tools safety is paramount

NHS Direct report every year 90,000 people have to go to their local A&E department with a gardening-related injury.
Stone chips in the eye thrown up when digging stony soil or poking the eyes on canes protruding from the soil are just two examples of eye related hazards on the plot. Mechanical tools are another threat as they can throw objects very quickly at your eyes.

It is a good idea to keep a pair of safety glasses near at hand just in case you or a fellow plot holder might need them.

Prevention is better than cure, so if you are planning any cutting or clearing work or any work with sharp tools, consider what eye protection you might need.

Glasses or a visor should always be worn if you are using mechanical cutting tools.

Don’t learn about safety by Accident!