Allotment Cloches & Tunnels

Allotment cloches and tunnels are sometimes required to help raise crops, protect them from the elements and the many types of bird and insect life. Cloches and Tunnels can be used all year round, covering the ground in early season to warm the soil up. Protection for seeds and seedlings as they germinate and establish themselves providing a micro-climate for them to thrive in before hardening off. They can also provide shading and protection from heavy rain showers as well as protection from birds and insects.
Cloches & tunnels will be a great help raising and protect crops from seeds through to harvest.
You will find several types of cloche and suitable covering materials along with advice on choosing the right types and materials.
For most plot holders the loss of a crop after many hours of nurturing is very annoying and a cloche or tunnel can ensure you get the maximum yield for your labours.