Allotment Secateurs

A sharp bladed cutting tool for small to medium size branches of trees or woody shrubs. Several designs are available, some with a jaw opening limiter. This can be important if they are to be used by two people with different size hands.
Using them where the opening and closing of them is wider than your natural hand span is fatiguing and painful after a while. Those that limit the opening are much more comfortable for both people.

Secateurs come in two types for different types of cutting, bypass and anvil. Soft stems require bypass, harder stems require anvil.
Harder stems can be cut with a bypass but you risk blunting the blade, softer stems will be crushed rather than cut if you use an anvil type on them. Crushed stems leave the plant open to infections.
Like all cutting tools keeping them sharp is essential so keep a sharpening stone handy or sharpen them just before you use them.
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