Allotment Pruning Saws

Pruning saws are a sharp bladed cutting tool for small to medium size branches of trees or woody shrubs. Thee ubiquitous brambles are a constant problem and a pruning saw is great for cutting these back at the end of a vigorous growing season.
Taking over a neglected plot often means removing overgrown shrubs and brambles before you can get the plot productive. These saws in combination with digging tools offer the best pairing to get your plot ready.

Most saw blades can be folded into the handle for easier transportation or can be fixed, more like a saw

Top Tip- Pruning saws cut when pulled, not pushed

Many saws are designed to work on both the pull and push stroke, the pruning saw is designed to work on the pull only. Pushing a pruning saw may result in a bend blade. Replacement blades are available should this happen.