Clearing a new or neglected allotment may require tools like Sickles, Scythes & Slashers to clear brambles and long grass.
These can also be maintenance tasks if the plot is not visited frequently.
Sickles and Scythes are great tools for clearing long grass and weeds, these are bladed tools to cut through soft stems.
They are best used close to the ground so the blade cuts the stem rather than ripping it.
A sharpening stone is an essential here as the blade can be blunted by contact with stones, sharpen the blade every 10-15 minutes to get the best from it.
Slashers are heavier tools for clearing dense thickets and hedgerows where the woody growth needs to be cut back

The blades work most efficiently when sharp so using a sharpening stone is essential
Because the blades can hit stones and become blunt quickly keep the sharpening stone with you and sharpen the blade every 20 minutes to keep cutting.