Moving & Tidying on the Allotment

Moving & tidying on the allotment is an essential maintenance task needed to keep the plot tidy.
A productive plot can generate a lot of surplus plant material during a growing season. Moving this around the plot requires suitable equipment.
A tarpaulin is a great universal sheeting material with many uses on the plot. Used on the ground when cutting and trimming it allows easy collection and transportation of the trimmings, with a friend to carry the other end for you.
Other tidying jobs include sweeping up leaves or cut grass then moving it to the compost bins or waste dump.
Sometimes sacks are the beat way to collect and remove items, particularly heavy rocks and stones. Keeping a couple of reinforced sacks on the plot can be a good idea so they are ready to go when you need them.
It is easy to put things in a sack straight away rather than pile them up and then put them in a sack, avoid double handling.
In this section you will find a variety of items that can be very useful in moving and tidying on the plot including brooms, brushes, sacks, bags, tarpaulin sheets and more.