Allotment Brooms & Brushes

Broom and brushes form an important part of plot maintenance.

Brooms Explained

Bristle Types
Bassine Bristles – Coarse leaf fibre from palmyra palms create stiff bristles that are very durable.Wide spaced bristles for sweping larger objects that would clog a fine bristle.
Coco bristles – Coconut coir, Coir fibres are found between the husk and the outer shell of a coconut. Soft fine bristles for sweeping fine particles
PVC Bristles – PVC bristles provide a tough bristle that is less likely to wear down.

Bassine and Coco are natural products that will wear down if used on rough surfaces

Head Types
Saddleback Head – A curved top broom where the handle fits directly into the head. The saddleback shape ensure the handle fits into more of the head giving a very secure fitting with no need for supports
Flat Head – The flat head broom is ideal for lighter sweeping tasks but can be reinforced with either plastic or metal brackets to support the handle.

Support Types
Plastic – A general purpose support for 23.5mm (15/16″) broom handles only. Screw fixiings to the flat head give additional support
Metal – Metal support for 28mm (1+1/8″) broom handles. Screw fixings to the head offering a more rigid support to the handle