Allotment Rakes

Allotment rakes are  a key part of soil preparation which is itself one of the most important aspects of plot ownership. Raking is one of the best ways to flatten soil and remove lumps and stones.
A plot bed that is raked and graded to what is called a ‘fine tilth’ will be more productive. Tilth is a word used to describe the condition of soil, particularly in relation to its suitability for growing a crop. Factors that determine tilth include the formation and stability of aggregated soil particles, moisture content, degree of aeration, rate of water infiltration, and drainage. The objective of tillage or the mechanical manipulation of the soil, which includes raking, is to improve overall tilth, which increases crop production.

We have gathered together a range of rakes covering several price bands and materials. When choosing consider the material of the head; stainless steel is corrosion resistant and light, with forged steel being stronger, heavier and is coated to prevent corrosion.