Allotment Chillington Hoes

The Chillington Tool Company has been supplying the agricultural and construction industries with quality hot forged Hoes and Forks for over one hundred years. These Quality forged high carbon steel digging hoes are called by many names across the world, each country having its own name for it, Azadas, Badzas, Grape hoe, Eye hoe.
Whatever the name, the widespread use for digging and weeding is testimony to their usefulness.

The range of chillington hoes covers weeding type tools for use on raised beds or within rows through to heavy duty ‘ground breaker’, tools designed to open up compacted ground in preparation for creating a cultivated plot.
All the tools in the range feature a head that is attached at right angles to a handle. This is atypical as most plot tools have the head in-line with the handle. Several of the hoe heads can fit on the same handle giving a multi-purpose tool based on one handle.

How to Use a Chillington Hoe

Assembly Instructions

1. Hold the handle vertically in front of you with the tapered end down by your feet.
2. With the markings of the head facing you, slide the Chillington hoe/fork down the handle.
Because both the head and the handle are tapered the tool will reach a point where it will go no further.
3. At this point to lock the head in position, still holding the handle in an upright position, simply stamp the handle down a few times against a hard surface.
This should leave approximately 10-25mm protruding depending on which handle is fitted.
4. Your tool is now ready to use.

Please Note: Because our hoes and forks are forged there will be differences in the socket size between tools. Therefore you may find that there is a gap of approximately 4/5mm on the widest diameter between the tool and handle.
To ensure the best possible fit, when the head of the tool is located on the handle stamp hard on the ground or hard surface several times.

Use extreme caution to protect eyes, hands, and feet of user and bystanders.
Keep away from children.
Always wear safety glasses.
Any striking tool may chip if struck against another hard surface, resulting in damage to the tool and possible serious bodily injury