Tools For Ladies – Allotment Spades and Forks

When choosing tools For ladies we should consider two important factors, personal height and strength / stamina.
Your height will dictate the correct size of tools so that you will not get aches and pains from using tools that are too big for your frame. Your strength / stamina will dictate if you need lightweight tools, again so you do not end up with aches and pains from wielding heavy tools.

How to Choose Ladies Tools

For digging tools like spades and forks the ‘Border’ variety have smaller dimensions and are more suitable for ladies of average height and strength. The table below shows the difference between them.
If tool weight might be an issue then choosing the correct tool material becomes important.
Tools of all types, spade, forks, hoes & rakes are generally made of Stainless Steel or Forged Steel
Stainless Steel is lighter, see the table below that compares the two materials.

Spades & Fork Types

Tool Types

Digging Variety
Border Variety
Wider & Longer blades
Narrower & Shorter blades
Longer overall length
Shorter overall length

Tool Material

Forged Steel
Stainless Steel
Stronger than stainless
Not as strong as forged
Coated to prevent corrosion
Corrosion resistant
Coated to prevent soil adhesion
Easy cleaning