Allotment Tools for Taller People

Choosing Tools for Tall People specifically caters for the fact that taller people can suffer from more aches and pains after a session on the allotment or in the veg bed.
Digging Tools
Standard forks and spades mean a taller person has to bend more and use more back muscles to lift the clods of soil. The best way to mitigate this is to use a long handled fork, spade or shovel thus dramatically reducing the amount of bending required when digging
Standard Spades and Forks have 28″ handles, some of this range have 32″ .
Long handled spades and forks where the handle is 48″ are an even better alternative.
Weeding & Raking
The other area where taller people can suffer back pain is when weeding or raking soil.
Some rakes and hoes have slightly longer handles but sometimes the only solution is to replace this with a 60″ or 72″.