Allotment Propagation & Planting Out

Allotment Propagation & Planting Out is a key stage in the raising of crops that will not germinate in plot soil. Indeed you can get a crop quicker if you start your plants off inside and then move them outside once conditions warm up.
Getting a seed from germinating, through propagation, transplantation and into the ground can take several stages. Each stage requiring some essential tools to get the job done.
Electric propagators help keep a steady germination temperature for seeds to get the start they need 24/7.
Once germinated the tiny plants can be exposed to increasing amounts of direct sunshine so the young plant grows strong and straight.
Taking the seedling through several different pots before hardening off requires delicate handling and widgers and dibbers are ideal tools.
Once the plant is established transplanting into the plot or raised bed is best achieved with a transplanting trowel or similar.
Getting the plant in at the right depth is easily achieved as most have a depth guide engraved on the blade.
We have collected together some of these items like widgers, dibbers and plant labels to help make the tasks simpler.