Allotment Hand Forks and Trowels

Allotment Hand Forks and Trowels are essential small tools for propagation jobs, filling pots, moving soil, transplanting seedlings, the list is endless. Hand tools come in three main types, forks, trowels and transplanting trowels.
Hand Forks: A 3 or 4 pronged small fork with a wooden handle.
Hand Trowel: A wide bladed trowel with a wooden handle.
Transplanting Trowel: Similar to the normal trowel but with a narrower blade, sometimes with depth marks added so you can plant the seedling at the right depth.

Hand Tools Materials

Forged Steel
Stainless Steel
Stronger than stainless
Not as strong as forged
Coated to prevent corrosion
Corrosion resistant
Coated to prevent soil adhesion
Easy cleaning