Allotment Watering & Harvesting

Watering on the plot is key to plant and seedling survival during hot periods. Many allotments have one or many taps located on the plot site, some just have troughs for rainwater collection. Those plot holders with sheds often collect rainwater from the roof into a container.
Whatever the source you still have to transport water from the source to your plants. We have a variety of hoses, along with the fittings required to create a pipeline to your plot or plants.
An alternative is our container in a wheelbarrow, a great way to transport a lot of water simply.
If you need a pump we have electric and hand pumps along with submersible water butt pumps.
In this section we have also included sprayers for those occasions when you need to spray treat your crops.

Harvesting is the most pleasurable part of plot ownership where all the fruits of your labours are realised. Storage during the glut period is key to enjoying the crops all year round. Our hessian sacks provide an old fashioned but very good way to store crops, the open weave allowing the crops to stay at the ideal moisture content and stop sweating and rotting.
Onion sacks provide the same function.