Harvesting is one the most pleasurable parts of plot ownership where all the fruits of your labours are realised in a very short period of time.
Storage of your crop during the glut period is key to enjoying the crops both in season and out of season. Man has stored fruit and vegetables in many containers, from carrot clamps, carrots stored outside under a layer of soil to Cox’s apples stored in a cool dark cardboard box ready for Xmas day.
Whatever the technique they are all aimed at preserving the crop for a future date.
The classic hessian sacks provide an old fashioned but very good way to store crops, the open weave allowing the crops to stay at the ideal moisture content and stop any sweating and rotting that would otherwise occur in a watertight container.
Onion sacks are a smaller version of the hessian potato sack and provide the same function. They can also be used for crops other than onions.
For the more adventurous platting your onions in the French style may be an interesting diversion.