Allotment Weed Control

Weed control is a time consuming but essential part of plot ownership.
One thing is for certain wherever your plot you will encounter weeds.
First time plot owners sometimes have a big weed problem to solve after taking over a neglected plot before they can start cultivating and planting. Long serving plot holders have weeds to remove to ensure crops are not fighting with weeds for nutrients, light and water.

Methods of Large Area Weed Control

Two techniques are commonly used both exclude light from the growing weeds effectively killing them.

Weed Control Fabric

A woven material that allows water to pass through to the ground underneath. Consider using this if your soil is not a clay based and the irrigation of the plot is important.

Black Plastic Sheeting

This sheeting will not allow water to pass through thus drying out the soil underneath. Consider using this if you wish to dry out a clay soil based plot or prevent water logging of a plot.

Both can be cut very easily and can be used over several seasons

Local weed control

Removing weeds from between rows of crops is vital to ensuring the crops get all the nutrients and the weeds get none. A weeding hoe is the best tool for this job.
Several types of how have evolved to deal with different plot situations.
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