Weed Control Fabric & Membranes

Allotments have a tendency to grow weeds at an alarming rate. One solution to control weeds over large areas is the covering of the plot with some form of fabrics or membranes
This stops the light reaching the weeds and photosynthesis, growth, stops when light is excluded. The covering of the plot can be a temporary arrangement, for example when first taking over a plot and only wanting to dig and plant a portion of it. The fabric or membrane can be used to cover the uncultivated part uncovering more of the plot as you expand the growing area.

Fabrics & Membranes can also be left down to provide a moisture as well as weed barrier and crops can be planted through them by cutting holes in the membrane. This membrane can then be covered with a mulch, for example bark, to increase moisture retention. This is a very effective way to plant crops particularly in raised beds.

Fabric & Membrane Materials
Black Plastic:- Heavy duty sheeting that can cover large areas of the plot. Weighted or pegged down it will kill weeds and stop water getting to the soil. The membrane is 100% waterproof and no water will pass through. It can be reused many times and stored rolled up when not in use.
Weed Control Fabric:- A woven polyester fabric that will stop sunlight reaching the weed seeds but let water through. Weighting or pegging down is the usual fixing technique. Can be reused many times and stored rolled up when not in use.