Allotment Replacement Rake & Hoe Handles

Allotment rakes and hoes are tools that are used very often during a season. This repeated use can take it’s toll on the handles.
Wooden handles are made with a certain amount of moisture still in the wood to give it a little ‘flex’ when in use. Over time if the handle is stored in a dry environment this moisture is removed and the wooden handle becomes brittle and more prone to snapping.
For taller people a standard hoe or rake handle may not be the best length for comfortable use, a longer handle can reduce the possibility of back ache.
Rake and Hoe handles can be simply replaced with a little woodwork. Measure the diameter of the broken handle to ensure you get the right one, handles come in two main diameters. Once purchased the end of the handle needs to be shaped into a cone to fit the particular socket on the head. Most rakes and hoes handles are simply fixed with a screw into the wooden handle.