Raised Beds – The Maintenance Free Way

The perfect maintenance free raised beds will:-

Retain moisture during the summer
Stop weeds growing
Keep warmth in the raised beds

How can I achieve this?

  • Prepare your soil; dig, fertilise, rake, water.
  • Cover with weed control fabric, fixing at the edges with soil, pegs or staples.
  • Make holes in the fabric to plant your crop through
  • Plant your crops
  • Stand back and wait.

Top Tip for neat holes in the fabric
The weed fabric can fray as it is a woven material.
Gather together :-
Plumbers blow torch or a kitchen blow torch
An empty clean baked beans or similar food can with both ends removed.
Pair of pliers or similar
Pair of gloves

Mark out the centres of the holes on your fabric with chalk or marker pen
Hold the can in the piers and heat up the rim of the can.
Then melt a neat hole in the fabric, it will seal the edges and not fray.

You can also use a cigarette lighter but it takes quite a long time to seal a lot of holes.

If you need bigger holes than a standard beans tin, apply the hot tin twice to make a larger oval hole, or more times to create a petal shaped large hole.


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