Fleece Tunnel /Cloche – 3.5m x 1.1m


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Ideal for :-

  • warming plot soil
  • provides seedling micro climate
  • protecting seedlings

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Fleece Cloche
Great for protecting young plants or vegetables in early and late season.
Long, wide and versatile with a heavy duty fleece cover
Fleece provides protection from insects, animals, pests etc.
Can easily be moved and sized to cover different areas
Allows air circulation & rain through
Supplied with 2m x 5m length of fleece, 7 x support arches and fixing pins.

Material : 30gsm fleece
Length: 11.5ft ( 3.5m)
Width: 43.25″ (1100mm)
Height: 39.5″ (1m)

Additional fixing pegs or staples below.

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