Windowsill Heated Propagator


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Ideal for :-

  • geminating seeds
  • seedling protection
  • growing on seedlings


The Windowsill Heated Propagator is a premium quality electric 3 bay propagator, which is durable and robust.
It comprises 3 pots and a water reservoir, the pots each have shatterproof covers and adjustable ventilation for air flow and humidity.
The 1.4 Litre water reservoir removes the need for daily watering.
The propagator is designed to provide an even heat distribution of 16-19å¡C.
Supplied with the propagator are 3 seed trays with covers.
Open the vents to release excess moisture and, when required, remove the lids for 2-3 hours to allow seedlings to dry off.
The temperature achieved within the propagator will depend on the air temperature surrounding the unit.
It should give a lift of approximately 8C above the room temperature.
For example, if the room temperature is 16C, the maximum temperature in the propagator with be 24C.
With an average soil temperature of 21C recommended for most seed germination, it’s easy for you to achieve this resulting in successful germination and growth.

Supplied with 6 varieties of Unwins Seeds.

Voltage: 230 Volt.
Cable Length: 2m (Cable Included).
Dimensions: 54.5 x 22 x 16.5cm.

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